This is our place to live, laugh, fail, learn and succeed. Our mission is to provide fellow dog lovers with the tools to bring back the primal instincts of our domesticated dogs.

Brigette – Den Mama


29 years old.

Physical Education Teacher.

Passionate DogMom.

Loves to learn.

A bit of a science nerd.

I find the animal kingdom fascinating.

Bolt – Trouble Maker

Beautiful pomeranian dog enjoying the fall leaves.5 years old.

Pomeranian, and maybe part wolf???

The challenging one.

Loves to snuggle up and spoon.

Has the sweetest smile.

Torque – Derpy Dude


8 years old.


Puppy Mill Survivor.

The mellow one.

Loves to be held.

Our 5:30am alarm clock.

Our Den

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Feed 100% raw food.

Use Young Living essential oils.

Live Holistically.

Practice Homeopathy.

Chemical-free home.

We experiment.

We succeed.

We fail miserably.

We never stop learning.

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little more about our den. We look forward to learning and laughing along side all of you.