What You Need to Know about Titer Tests

Adorable Pomeranian dog enjoying the sunlight in a tall bed of grass.As more and more pet parents are joining the holistic and natural path with their dogs, its important to learn about titer testing. Right now you might be scratching your head thinking, “I have no clue what you are talking about”, that’s okay because two years ago I had no clue either.

What is a Titer Test?

A titer test is a blood test that measures the amount of specific antibodies meant to fight off a disease that is present in the blood. Each antibody matches a specific disease.

What are antibodies?

Antibodies are produced in response to antigens. Antigens are crappy Continue reading “What You Need to Know about Titer Tests”

4 Resources for Living a More Holistic Life


Your dog is important to you, right? Well duh, otherwise you wouldn’t be following along with us on this blog. We are excited to share with you some of the resources that have helped up create and live a more holistic lifestyle for us and our dogs. We are far from perfect and still have a lot to learn but these are the 4 things that have Continue reading “4 Resources for Living a More Holistic Life”


There’s nothing we love more than local brands and supporting small businesses. Bela.and.Blue is a local Etsy shop that makes high-quality doggie clothes, bandannas, leashes and collars. With each piece being uniquely crafted, you and your pups are sure to stand out in style.

Some of our favorite pieces include their Padded Leather Dog Leash and their plaid flannel bandannas.otsego-park-agility-diy-080

We fell in love their Padded Leather Dog Leash because it is so lightweight. With a five pound pup, light leashes are Continue reading “bela.and.blue”

3 Must Haves for Tick Season

Ticks are probably one of the grossest insects ever created. Raise your hand if you agree. Those nasty things suck the blood out of our dogs and blow up like balloons. YUCK!!! Last week Bolt had one sucking on his forehead. Its still winter in Minnesota and those little suckers shouldn’t be bugging us yet. I had to remind myself that ticks don’t hibernate. They live in the grass and therefore if we can see the grass, the ticks are out.

Pomeranian pup has his 3 must have items for tick season, garlic, Purification and Thieves.

There are 3 “must-haves” that I use with my dogs to prevent and remove ticks. Continue reading “3 Must Haves for Tick Season”

4 Paws Up for 4-Legger

If you’re like me, you’re picky about the products you use on your dogs. Ever since Bolt had a severe reaction to over-vaccinating and over-medicating, I’ve been increasingly conscious of what I put into and onto his body. I started looking at labels more than I had before. I found that most of the items I was using had words that I couldn’t even pronounce.  The ingredient list took up half of the bottle. In the past year I’ve learned that the shorter the list, the better. And that, “all natural and organic” doesn’t really mean what it says. Only 25% of the product in that bottle has to fit that criteria to have those words written on the label. state-tournament-4leggerz-449

When 4Legger reached out to me, I had my reservations. Was this all its cracked up to be? How are they any different than any other “natural and organic” brand? Browsing Continue reading “4 Paws Up for 4-Legger”

10 Lessons from Pet Fooled Documentary

First Thoughts

Prior to watching Pet Fooled I knew that feeding raw was the healthiest option for my dogs. However, I only started feeding raw a couple years ago so I’m definitely not the perfect example. I was fooled by the dog food companies just as much as anyone else. I went with the “natural”, gluten-free, grain-free, soy free, corn-free foods too. No matter what I bought, Bolt was still throwing up stomach bile on a daily basis. He did this for almost 4 years before I learned about raw feeding. Since then I’ve noticed a change in his overall health and behavior.Pet Fooled documentary about what's really in our pets food.

I ordered Pet Fooled because I wanted Continue reading “10 Lessons from Pet Fooled Documentary”

Essential Oils for You & Your Dog

4th-of-july-titos-vodka-279Who else has witnessed their dog eat grass, only to throw up a few minutes later? We yell at them to “stop it” but they continue to go back for more. You’d think they would learn their lesson right!?! Well, they have learned their lesson and the lesson is, they do it on purpose. Hahaha! They ate the grass knowing, and hoping, that they would throw up after. Without even realizing it, your dog just used grass as medicine. Here me out. Continue reading “Essential Oils for You & Your Dog”