Our Raw Feeding Journey

Have you ever heard the quote, “Nothing makes me jump out of bed faster than hearing my dog about to puke on the carpet”? Yep, that was us, almost every day. Bolt was having tons of issues with keeping his kibble down. He was puking up stomach bile multiple times a day. His kibble was not sitting well with him. So, we tried different brands of food, both cheap and expensive, grain-free, hypoallergenic, beef, chicken, salmon and lamb. Still, he was puking. We would wet his food down before we gave it to him. Still, he was puking. It wasn’t stopping.

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This went on for over a year. It was an ongoing struggle. I reached out to different online dog communities, veterinarians, friends and family, trying to find answers. Then, my sister Rachael told me about this thing called “Raw Feeding” that she heard about on the radio. She said it was a diet where dogs eat raw meat. My initial thought was “What the heck!?!” However, I was willing to try anything. I went online and looked up the company she heard about, Raw Bistro. This was a local MN company which was great because I love buying and supporting goods that come from my own territory! I checked out their website, read what they had to say about raw feeding and decided we needed to give it a try. So I bit the bullet, bought myself a bag of pre-mixed patties and began transitioning Bolt from kibble to raw food.

After 3 days of transitioning (mixing raw with kibble) Bolt was hooked! He LOVED his raw food and his stomach did too! We weren’t cleaning up puke when we got home from work and he was SO excited for meal times.

As I continued to research I found that raw feeding is becoming very common. As our food, and our dogs’ food, is becoming  more and more processed, companies are going back to primal behaviors for both humans and dogs. Feeding dogs what they would eat in the wild, other animals! The meat, fat, bones and organs. I loved that I could feel good about putting whole, nutrient-rich foods into my dog.

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Next came Torque, our tiny 5 pound Pom. We adopted him through Underdog Rescue MN and knew immediately that he was going to be raw fed too. So, away went $180 per month to feed pre-mixed raw food. I’m a teacher, this was NOT feasible anymore. Haha! Again, I used my friends Google, Facebook and Instagram to see what other people were doing. The rescue group I volunteered for, and where we adopted Torque from used a local supplier for their raw feeding needs (Raw Delivery MN). It was about $1 per pound for the meat. Jackpot! I could order bulk raw food and pick it up at a drop-off location near me. It was wonderful!

Now, I experiment with different types of protein and use both ground food and animal parts to keep my dogs healthy. I jumped on the raw journey train and haven’t looked back since.


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