Torque’s Adoption Story

August 17th, 2015 – The Day We Met

This was the Facebook post that started it all! Torque, formerly Amos, needed to be transported from a doggy hotel, where he was taken in after being rescued through Underdog Rescue MN, to his foster home where he would live until being adopted. I had transported dogs for this rescue group before and when this adorable Pomeranian popped up on their volunteer page I knew I needed to help out.

Torque's Transport Day

So it began. I’d like to say that when I picked him up he was so cute, and happy, and fluffy, and snuggly, and soft but that was not the case. This was the first photo I took of him. He was shaved, scared and smelled of urine. Phone Feb. 2016 473

He backed into the kennel and was afraid of my touch. My heart broke into a million pieces. This poor boy had been through so much. I tried my best to be patient but all I wanted to do was grab him and hold him. I wanted to show him that humans can love him and be caring, gentle beings. Instead of overwhelming him I just took the cover off of the crate. He looked around a bit and I was able to get him onto a doggy bed in my passenger seat. I reached over and began gently petting his course shaved body. He was unsure of my touch but eventually fell asleep as we cruised down the road.

Phone Feb. 2016 476

Phone Feb. 2016 474

As his little paws wrapped around my heart strings I decided I need to stop and have some quality time with this pup before I dropped him off. I pulled into a school parking lot and our conversation went something like this,

“You’ve been through more than I can imagine but I need you to know that humans can be loving creatures. You are sweet and adorable. You will be fed, pet, loved, given shelter, fresh water, and a comfy bed. You will have these things for the rest of your precious life. Never again will you be in that horrid place you’ve lived the last 7 years. A family is going to come and adopt you and you will be a fur-ever dog with your fur-ever family!”

Phone Feb. 2016 475

With tears rolling down my face, I placed him back in the passenger seat and drove him to his foster home. Little did I know that his fur-ever home would be our within our little den. Driving home I couldn’t stop thinking about what potential this dog had. He was scared and shy but curious. I could see in his eyes that he had hope.

While transporting Torque I was sending photos and updates to Brent. When I left Torque’s foster home I text Brent a photo, telling him I just got done dropping Torque off, to which he replied, “How much is he?” I told him what I thought his adoption fee would be and he said “You can buy him.” That was all I needed! The application started immediately.

August 18th, 2015 – Application Day

Brent and I had talked about getting another dog prior to this so it wasn’t completely out of left field that I was bringing it up. We had a little bit of a conversation about what Torque’s temperament was and how he would get along with Bolt. More so, how Bolt would get along with him as Bolt is a very reactive dog. I knew we would be able to introduce them before going through with the adoption. If we really felt it wouldn’t work out we wouldn’t do it. We would never put Bolt, nor a newly adopted dog through a situation that we weren’t 100% sure would work out. One day after transporting Torque, I filled out the adoption application. There were places for comments and I made sure to write that I wanted Bolt to meet him before the adoption to make sure they got along. When working in rescue this is very common so I wasn’t too worried about it. People in rescue groups understand and are happy to help you introduce new dogs.

August 19th, 2015 – Will it work?

An email came through that we could have a “meet and greet” with Bolt and Torque. Brent got home from work around 4pm and we headed out, Bolt in the backseat, to go meet our potential Pack member. I cannot lie, I was very nervous about Bolt meeting Torque. At the time, Bolt barked and growled at every dog so we were prepared for the worst! When we took Bolt out of the car this happened…

Phone Feb. 2016 495

A picture worth a thousand words. Bolt’s face says it all! Everything was going to be alright.

August 24th, 2015 – No More Only Child

It had taken a few days for the application to go through. We waited anxiously to get the okay. On August 24th I got a call around 7pm that we could go pick up our newly adopted pup. Then I freaked out a little bit. I looked down at Bolt and realized that I was about to change his life forever. I made a quick decision to wait 1 more day. There is no denying that I felt a little bit guilty, nervous, and sad for Bolty. I felt like I was abandoning him. That he would think we didn’t love him as much. I knew that Torque would need a lot of attention right away. Bolt wouldn’t be getting as much. He was going to be very stressed as we introduced this new lifestyle. Too many thoughts went through my head. I wanted, I needed to spend one more night with Bolt as our only child. I told Bolt just how much he meant to us and that he is a good boy! I assured him that we are only adding to the love within our den, and that none would ever be taken away! We ate dinner, had extra treats, snuggled on the couch and got a good nights rest.

August 25th, 2015 – Gotcha Day!!!

I got up early that morning, took Bolt for a nice long walk, went to Target for new dog supplies and around noon I headed out to get our newest Pack member. It was time for Torque’s Freedom Ride! He was a front seat dog heading to his fur-ever home.

Phone Feb. 2016 501

I had done quite a bit of research on how to introduce new members to your pack. Many of the things I read said to have the dogs meet outside. Bolt and Torque both walked around outside for a while. I was pleasantly surprised that Bolt left him alone. He must’ve known that he needed to be gentle with Torque.

Phone Feb. 2016 514

We stayed outside for about an hour. I played fetch with Bolt. Torque sniffed around a little and then decided it was time to nap. To this day, if you put him in this position he falls asleep within seconds. So adorable!

Phone Feb. 2016 517

We couldn’t wait to introduce him to our families. That night we drove over to Brent’s parents’ house so they could meet Torque. My mom and sister came over as well. Our den is now filled with two adorable Poms that are a perfect balance for one another.

Phone Feb. 2016 508

August 25th, 2016 – One Year Later

Our goof-ball of a Pomeranian has a BEAUTIFUL coat, healthier teeth, awesome raw food, fresh water, lots of love and a comfy bed to sleep on every night. He is a true Underdog that we couldn’t be happier to have him within our little domestic den.

4th of July, Tito's Vodka 153

4th of July, Tito's Vodka 279




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