DIY Weave Poles

We’re getting a little weave happy over here! Bolt has been doing a mix of agility and obedience training with our newest trainer Tiffany at Avaqyn Acres. If I could, I would scream her name from the rooftops! But we’ll save that for another post. I take Bolt to agility training once a week and I want to train him more often. He LOVES agility and its a great way for us to bond so this last weekend I decided to build my own weave poles.
DIY Weave pole equipment.
Brent needed to go to Menards for a few things so I convinced him to let me load some stuff in his truck (because 10 foot PVC pipes would not fit in my Volkswagen).
The Goods:

  • (2) 10 foot PVC pipes with 3/4 inch diameter
  • (6) 3/4 inch PVC caps
  • (6) Snowplow stakes or Garden stakes
  • Painters tape
  • Spray Paint

Items from Menards for DIY weave poles made of PVC pipes.
Originally I was going to get garden stakes but when we were at Menards Brent said, “Why don’t you just use plow stakes?” Sweet! We already had those at home. Plus, They are a little more sturdy then garden stakes because they are the entire length of the PVC pipes once they are cut. Once we got home, the process began…
Step 1: Measure the PVC pipe to 40 inches.
Step 2: Use a circular saw to cut the PVC pipe into (6) 40 inch pieces.otsego-park-agility-diy-139
Step 3: Place PVC caps onto pipes
Adding PVC cap to agility weave poles
Step 4: Paint!
This step is not required, however, if you want to make them regulation, they need to be painted. I just taped off some swirly strips but you can make any design you want.

Step 5: Insert snowplow stakes into the ground about 24 inches apart
Step 6: Slide PVC pipes over stakes
PVC pipes over snowplow stakes for DIY agility weave poles.
Step 7: Enjoy!
Torque needed to get in on the action too!
When we first started working weaves we only used two poles. Back and forth, back and forth until Bolt mastered it. Now, we work our way up until we can make it to six. Weave poles are still a work in progress but now that we have our own we should be pros in no time! Next up, DIY agility jumps!