4 Protein Sources a Week…You Got This!

If you’ve read our 5 Steps to Feeding Raw you saw that your dogs should get protein from at least four different sources per week. And you might have panicked a little bit. I did! This can sound very overwhelming but don’t be scared. If I can handle it, and Brent can, than you can. Haha! We lead busy lives so I’ve had to get creative and try a few different meal-prep ideas before I’ve found what works best. To be honest, there may even be a better way but so far, this is what I like.

Raw dog food with beef and pork mix including; meat, bone and organ.

Step 1: Order the Food

I order from Raw Delivery MN. They deliver a variety of raw meat, bone, organ, and treats to different pickup locations around the Twin Cities. When I pick it up the premixed beef, pork, duck, chicken, lamb, etc. is packaged like the photo above. So delicious right?  My last order was pre-mixed beef, duck and pork (80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ) chicken feet, and duck necks. Right there is four protein sources. Then I have some canned salmon I’ll put in once in a while and some eggs

Step 2: Thaw

This step can be a little tricky. As the meat thaws it will bleed. I try to let it thaw in a cooler in the garage, or on a baking sheet in the refrigerator so its easier to clean up the blood.

Thawing frozen raw dog food before repackaging into smaller portions.

Step 3: Open a Ton of Plastic Bags

I used smaller storage bags because my dogs are small. If you have a large breed you may want to use a gallon size bag.

Step 4: Get Your Hands Dirty

Yes, I use my bare hands. I’ve been raw feeding for 2 years and I know many people who have for 10+ years and none of us have gotten e coli or salmonella. I put raw meat on my cuttings boards, counters, in the sink, and on baking sheets. When I’m all done I use my homemade Thieves essential oils cleaner to wipe down all the surfaces it touched. No bleach or chlorine. Just good ole’ natural cleaning products.

Repackaging raw dog food into smaller portions.

Okay, back to the packaging. I scoop up a handful and put it into a storage baggie. I don’t measure it out exactly but its about how much my dogs eat in a day (both Bolt and Torque).

Raw dog food packaged into smaller portions for freezing.

Step 5: Re-Freeze Until Ready

Now that you’ve packaged into smaller portions you put them back in the freezer. Thawing and re-freezing your raw food is not as dangerous as people make it out to be. So don’t stress about that.


Frozen raw dog food in pre-measured portions for easy feeding.

Step 6: Thaw & Feed

When I restock my freezer, I randomly throw different protein sources in. That way they are mixed up and when I grab a new one to thaw, it will most likely be different than the last. By the end of a week my dogs will get at least four different sources of protein. Plus, mixing in an egg, some canned salmon, or a turkey neck helps cover me because lets be honest, I’m not writing down what my dogs eat every day. Who has time for that? I hope this can help those of you who are nervous or on the fence about raw feeding. It sounds scary and overwhelming when you first hear about it. I was there with ya! Now, 2 years later. Its easier than I ever imagined and the benefits are incredible.

Breakfast this morning, for our raw fed dogs, was raw beef mix with a side of smelt.

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