DIY Doggy Shampoo

Poor Torque is too fluffy for his own good. He cannot make it through a meal without getting raw meat stuck in his face fur. Hahah! I sometimes wipe it off with a rag, but if I’m totally honest, I usually just leave it. He eventually snacks on it later. Lately, I’ve noticed that the raw meat smell has lingered with him. So it was time to make my first batch of doggy shampoo with my newest obsession, Young Living Essential Oils for my dogs!



The ingredients are simple;

DIY Dog Shampoo with castile soap and essential oils.

The soap to water ratio is 1:1. You’ll notice that the mixture is pretty runny. That’s okay. It will not be the same consistency as human hand soap or shampoo. Remember, pure castile soap is very concentrated so you don’t need very much.

First, combine the soap and water. Then add desired amount of Young Living EO’s. I used Purification to cleanse and Lavender to small delicious!


Shake it up and enjoy!

Pomeranian puppy before bath time in the kitchen sink.

I love that Torque is small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink. Using the sprayer and not having to bend over the bathtub is wonderful! The next time I make this concoction I would use a container that has a pump on it. Just to make it easier to dispense. This recipe is so simple and once again, I know every ingredient in the product that I am putting onto my dog, which ends up soaking into their skin. Now, the best part. Pictures of bath time!

The stare down


Gettin’ ready for soap


Workin’ on that mohawk






Washing away Torque-osaurus, turning into rat dog


Kisses from mom because she just tortured me.



Okay, bath time over, snuggle session next.

DIY Dog Shampoo 127.JPG

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and want to order a starter kit (which includes both of the oils used in our doggy shampoo) click here and we’ll hook you up!

Enjoy your bath time and snuggles!


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