Essential Oils for You & Your Dog

4th-of-july-titos-vodka-279Who else has witnessed their dog eat grass, only to throw up a few minutes later? We yell at them to “stop it” but they continue to go back for more. You’d think they would learn their lesson right!?! Well, they have learned their lesson and the lesson is, they do it on purpose. Hahaha! They ate the grass knowing, and hoping, that they would throw up after. Without even realizing it, your dog just used grass as medicine. Here me out.

If you think back to how dogs survived prior to us domesticating them, they ate raw meat, drank water, ate plants and used their environment to heal themselves. They don’t go to the local bear den to get a prescription. Instead, if there is something in their stomach that is bothering them they will eat a plant that they know induces vomiting. Dogs have incredible survival mechanisms. They find what they need and live off of that. Now this isn’t always the case when it comes to dogs who love grass but it does occur often. Although, some people think this idea is crazy because they don’t think dogs are smart enough to understand the “cause and effect” response. Well, I beg to differ. Bolt sure knows that if he comes running when I say “Here!” that there will be love and treats waiting for him.

Young Living essential oils for dogs and cats.

So where does all of this fit in with essential oils? If dogs in the wild found their own natural remedies for upset stomachs and pain, why not provide them the same remedies with the oil from those plants?

Think about the time your dog started limping late on a Friday night. The vet is closed and its not worth an emergency vet visit but you feel bad that they are in pain. This is when Pinterest, my reference book and an at-home remedy come in handy. A drop of PanAway and Peppermint applied to the injured area will help alleviate pain.


Essential oils will never replace the vet and nor should they. However, wouldn’t it be awesome to assist your dogs in healing with truly natural remedies?

Throughout the next couple months you will get learn about each Starter Kit oil. Some recipes will be for you and others will be for your dogs. My goal here is to empower all of you! Your dogs count on you for everything and they deserve the best, as do all of you rockin’ dogmoms out there! So check out the 11 oils that come in Young Living’s Starter Kit and how you and your pups can use them.

Young Living Essential Oils starter kit guide for you and your dog.


If you are interested in taking the leap click here to become a member. Join me on our journey to providing natural health for us and our dogs. When you join, you’ll be surrounded with support. We have an active Facebook community just waiting to meet you, answer questions and share ideas. You’ll be happy you did it and your pups will love you even more…if that’s possible.

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