3 Must Haves for Tick Season

Ticks are probably one of the grossest insects ever created. Raise your hand if you agree. Those nasty things suck the blood out of our dogs and blow up like balloons. YUCK!!! Last week Bolt had one sucking on his forehead. Its still winter in Minnesota and those little suckers shouldn’t be bugging us yet. I had to remind myself that ticks don’t hibernate. They live in the grass and therefore if we can see the grass, the ticks are out.
Pomeranian pup has his 3 must have items for tick season, garlic, Purification and Thieves.
There are 3 “must-haves” that I use with my dogs to prevent and remove ticks. None of which include a monthly medicine. The first is a preventative, garlic. Garlic has benefits that go beyond insect repellent.

  • provides a 24-hour shield against insects
  • powerful antioxidant
  • stimulates immunity
  • promotes good bacteria in the digestive tract
  • can be given year-round without side-effects

Air dried garlic is a chemical and toxic-free option for keep fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other insects away from dogs.

*Note: This photo is for fun. I do not give my dogs actual garlic cloves.*

A year ago I started using air dried garlic from Springtime. The directions call for 1 scoop per 60lbs of dog and gradually increasing to 3 scoops. Well, my dogs are tiny so it was hard to decipher how much to give them. I would do a pinch in their meals every day. Now that its been a while I think its time to increase the amount I give them, especially since I found a tick on Bolt already.
There is always possibility of the dogs getting a tick bite, no matter how hard we try to keep those creepy-crawly insects away. That’s when Young Living essential oils come in.
Young Living essential oils used to remove and treat tick bites.
Remove the tick being sure to pull all of the tick out. Apply Thieves essential oil directly to the area. Thieves is an anti-infectious and anti-parasitic oil which will prevent infections.
Purification, Thieves, and Garlic can be used to prevent and treat tick bites.
After removing the tick and disposing of it. Hopefully in a place where it will never return. Apply one drop of Purification to the bite. Purification does exactly what the name states, it purifies the area. It is a gentle oil. I will apply these two oils twice a day (alternating Thieves then Purification) for three days.
When Bolt had a terrible overdose from his flea/tick medicine (the monthly kind we used to use) I promised him that he would never be given any of those drugs again. The toxins that entered his body from those meds caused side-effects that were wrecking his life. He’s a completely different dog now and it feels empowering to know that with these three items I can keep him free of lyme disease without side-effects.
Two fur-brothers enjoying some hiking adventures along the Mississippi River in Minnesota.
Thieves and Purification are both available in the Premium Starter Kit, plus 9 more amazing oils that I will continue to share with all of you in the next few weeks. Until then, here is a simple reference guide for you and your dog(s). PDF version here. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for Young Living click here for a step by step guide.
Young Living Essential Oils starter kit guide for you and your dog.