There’s nothing we love more than local brands and supporting small businesses. Bela.and.Blue is a local Etsy shop that makes high-quality doggie clothes, bandannas, leashes and collars. With each piece being uniquely crafted, you and your pups are sure to stand out in style.
Some of our favorite pieces include their Padded Leather Dog Leash and their plaid flannel bandannas.otsego-park-agility-diy-080
We fell in love their Padded Leather Dog Leash because it is so lightweight. With a five pound pup, light leashes are important. Torque has gotten so used to it that he won’t walk on any other leash, literally. I tried using a heavier leash one day and he wouldn’t move. Hahaha! It took us 3 months for him to not be scared of a leash so I let him be a little high-maintenance when it comes to his leash.
Torque, the pomeranian puppy enjoying his leather leash from on Etsy.
Torque gets spoiled when it comes to accessories. He’s so tiny and our winters are so cold. Even with his thick and fluffy fur, he needs a coat to stay warm. When our temperatures drop below 30 degrees, he starts shivering within minutes of going outside. This wool jacket, lined with sherpa, is both warm and fashionable. It has a masculine pattern for this ferocious pup. Now only if it came in my size.
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Last, but definitely not least comes our favorite accessory. The bandannas! I’m sure that we can all agree that their is no easier way to dress up our pups than to throw on our favorite doggie bandana. It adds a little flair to their style. Bela and Blue offers a variety of bandannas that are impeccably made. The fabric is high quality so they will last forever! Just look how dog gone cute they are!
BarkBox shoes created by the artists at Bucketfeet.
Once again, I love this brand! If you’d like to order one for yourself check out their esty shop. The boys would love to have some twins from another town.