4 Resources for Living a More Holistic Life


Your dog is important to you, right? Well duh, otherwise you wouldn’t be following along with us on this blog. We are excited to share with you some of the resources that have helped up create and live a more holistic lifestyle for us and our dogs. We are far from perfect and still have a lot to learn but these are the 4 things that have helped us along the way.

Pet FooledPet Fooled documentary about what's really in our pets food.

This 70-minute documentary will blow your mind! Director Kohl Harrington, along with producer Michael Fossat and Veterinarians, Dr. Barbara Royal and Dr. Karen Becker expose the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry. They start by discussing the biological needs of the canine diet (meat, bone and organ). Soon after they dig into what is really in bagged kibble; wheat, corn, and grain. Plus, thousands of chemicals that are used to break down those foods, turn them into fancy colors (which dogs cannot even see because their see in black and white) and form them into cute shapes. Pet Fooled tells us what it really means when a bag says “natural, organic, grain-free”. The team behind this documentary want pet owners to see what is going on behind closed doors. Pet Fooled is available on Netflix or for purchase. Check out the trailer below and our latest blog post about it here.

Dogs Naturally

Dogs Naturally is both a print and digital magazine. They are geared towards natural care for your canine furiends. Their contributors are among the best holistic vets and dog trainers around. Dana Scott, editor of Dogs Naturally, started this publication after asking herself,

“What would happen if somebody produced a magazine that showed what holistic health care is really about and how most of today’s dogs are over serviced by the veterinary industry? What if a magazine wasn’t afraid of finally letting holistic vets and experts tell dog owners about the real dangers of vaccines, drugs and kibbles?”Dogs Naturally is a magazine geared towards pet owners looking for natural and holistic health care for their dogs and cats.

Some topics that they discuss are raw diets, vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, running poops, turmeric, essential oils, fish oils and so much more. Honestly, don’t take my word for it. Go click through the blog section of their website. It will blow your mind!

Guidebooks on Natural Health

Young Living essential oils for dogs and cats.

Think back to where domesticated dogs came from; wolves. Wolves survived in the wild without all the flea, tick, heartworm, antiobiotics and medicine that we find at our vets
today. They were smart enough to use what was in their natural environment. Have you ever seen your dog go outside and start eating grass? Only to throw up a few moments later. Your dog did that on purpose. The grass induced vomiting which is exactly what they wanted. Essential oils are extracted from natural seeds, fruits, plants and trees. The same things that wild animals use to heal themselves. The properties of these essential oils range from antibacterial, to anesthetic, to antiviral, to antidepressant, to deodorizing, and so on. Learning about them has and hearing testimonials has only increased by interest in them. I can’t stop reading about how they work and the successpet-fooled-oils-083 stories of people and dogs who have used them. The two books that got me started were;

I get my books from Abundant Health or Amazon. When I started on this entire journey I never thought I would be where I am today. Like you, I’m passionate about dogs and I want to provide the best for them. Once you start reading these books you won’t want to stop.

Thieves Products for a Chemical Free HomeThieves Household Cleaner, Dish Soap and Laundry Soap are the best chemical-free products for you, your children and your dogs.

Until about a year ago I hadn’t ever thought about how my cleaning products were effecting my dogs, let alone myself. The stuff I thought was cleaning my house was actually filling it with toxins and chemicals. The dogs would hide while I cleaned the bathrooms or dusted the surfaces. A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times that of a human. So if we can smell the bleach and it hurts our nose, just imagine what its doing to our poor dogs. Or, the smell of laundry soap and dryer sheets. The smell is one thing but the chemical and toxins in them is a whole other fiasco. Its been my goal in 2017 to switch all of our household products to natural, chemical-free products. Its honestly not easy finding them but that’s just another reason why I love Young Living. I can use the dish soap for their food and water bowls, the laundry soap to wash their beds, and the household cleaner to wash everything else in my house! No joke. I use it on everything; counters, floors, appliances, sinks, toilets, showers and windows. The other day I even combined the household cleaner with the dish soap and washed my car. The Chemical Free Home books by Melissa M. Poepping have changed my world. There are three books and at only $5 per book you can’t go wrong. There are tons of recipes for home cleaners, laundry detergent, face wash, sunscreen and more. All of which are free of toxins and use essential oils.

If you’ve read this far, you must be curious. I was curious too. Take the first steps and start reading and experimenting. There is an incredible team of supporters here to help you along the way. I learn a ton from groups that are on Facebook. If you are curious, send me an email or comment below and I’ll add you to our group. Or, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to chat more. This is the stuff that I could talk about for hours on end.

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