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Monthly subscription box from Young Living Essential RewardsWhen this box arrives on my doorstep its like Christmas every month! And let me tell you, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! My Monthly Wellness Box is courtesy of Young Living’s Essential Rewards or ER. Each month you get to customize what products you would like delivered to your house. I can honestly say that I rarely ever go to Target anymore. I used to go at least once a week and now I probably go once a month. Thank goodness because we all know its impossible to walk into Target without spending $300.
Since this is the first time I’m sharing my box on the blog I want to start by answer some common questions about Essential Rewards.
What is Essential Rewards?
I like to think of Essential Rewards is my Monthly Wellness Box. Its essentially a subscription box that you get to customize to your specific needs. It auto-ships on a specific day each month and arrives at your doorstep a few day later.
Why Should You Join Essential Rewards?
Simple answer >>> Because its AMAZING! There are perks to Essential Rewards that are not even close to comparable of credit card points or any other company subscriptions. For each Essential Rewards order you receive points back, allowing you to accumulate points and earn free product. Can I get an Amen!?! The longer you are on ER the more points you get back.

  • Earn 10% back (months 1-3)
  • Earn 20% back (months 2-24)
  • Earn 25% back (months 24+)

Essential Rewards Benefits
Lets say you spend 100PV (point value) the first 3 months. You already have 30 points to use towards product. That a free 5mL bottle of Frankincense! Again, can I get an Amen!?!
You also get things like discounted shipping, monthly promo oils for free, loyalty gifts after 3, 6, 9, and 12 months on ER, AND…access to reduced prices on Essential Rewards packs like Ningxia Red and Thieves cleaning products.
Lets Get to the Goodies!
This month I ordered SEVEN items and I received 16 products! I’ll tell you more about how that happened later.
Savvy Minerals by Young Living
First, lets cover the makeup!

  • “I Do Believe You’re Blushin'” – Blush
  • “Abundant” – Lip Gloss
  • “Embrace” – Lip Gloss

Makeup is new to Young Living and the story behind it needs to be shared. Melissa Poepping sold her chemical-free, toxin-free, bismuth-free, talc-free makeup line, Sweet Savvy Minerals, to Young Living over the course of the last year. It was a giant secret from everyone on our team and at convention in June she walked out on stage and we all about lost it. She’s local to Minnesota and has worked her butt off to create the best makeup on the planet. You can read all about Savvy Minerals by Young Living here. Did you know that our makeup is included in the 80 chemicals women put on their bodies before we leave for work? Even the “clean” makeup.
Also included in my order were two supplements that I have found to be beneficial for both myself and my dogs.
Sulfurzyme by Young Living
Allerzyme by Young Living
Sulfurzyme is incredible for skin, hair, and nail support. I use it daily and my dogs use it a few times a week, sprinkled on their food. A month ago I took Torque to our holistic vet and she was amazing. She looked through the Young Living Catalog with me and helped me find the best digestive enzyme support supplement that was appropriate for dogs. We got to make the decision together and we choose to give Allerzyme a try. This is just another reason why I love our vet. She listens and works along side you. If you are in Minnesota and need a recommendation check out Dr. Jessica Levy at Holistic Vet Care.
Lastly, well not lastly because we haven’t even gotten to all of my freebies yet! I ordered 2 packs of Ningxia Zyng. This drink is the! No joke! It is a “hydrating splash of energy”. It has 35mg of natural caffeine and is infused with delicious essential oils. Brent is obsessed with this drink, and so am I. It gives us that perfect little boost without the sugar high and crash later on. You mix this with a little bit of Ningxia Red and some of your favorite Vitality essential oils and VOILA! Best non-alcoholic cocktail ever!
Ningxia Zyng by Young Living
Here’s the secret…each month Young Living does promos. When you’re ER order totals 100pv, 190pv, 250pv or 300pv you get free products! This month the deal was incredible. 9 bottles of essential oils at no cost to me! There are only 7 pictured here because they was a mishap and the other ones were just sent out. Another great thing about this company, you can call or do a live chat online and their customer service will take care of all of your needs. They made a mistake and sent me other 2 oils with rushed shipping and didn’t charge me for it either.
Young Living Promo Oils for Essential Rewards
Citrus Fresh – Diffuse to freshen the air. Great for emotional support and focus.
Clarity – Diffuse for emotional support, focus, and clear mindedness.
KidScents Geneyus – Supports focus for schoolwork.
KidScents TummyGize – Can be applied topically for digestive support.
KidScents Owie – Can be applied topically for those little Owies that happen.
KidScents Sleepyize – Great for diffusing at night for heathy sleep support.
KidScents SniffleEase – Respiratory support for the sniffles.
Not Pictured
Lemon Vitality – Add to water for digestive support, liver support and to balance pH levels. Perfect for making lemon chicken or a fresh balsamic vinegar and lemon salad dressing.
Envision – Perfect to diffuse for emotional support during work. My Mom actually wears this one as perfume and gets compliments all the time.
There ya have it! My Monthly Wellness Box and why I ordered everything I did.
Young Living Essential Rewards OrderAre you ready to join this journey and start receiving your monthly wellness box? Its the best subscription box you’ll ever get. Follow this link to get started because a chemical-free home is a safer and healthier home.
Cheers & Wags