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Our Holistic Health Journey – It started with our dogs!

Wow how life has changed the past few years. I’ve stepped into motherhood, learning more and more about the human body, and continued on this journey of natural healing and health.

It sounds weird but this entire lifestyle began in the middle of the night, night after night, when our dog, Bolt, would wake us up from scratching himself nonstop! He was diagnosed with a “skin infection” that was being treated with antibiotic after antibiotic with nothing helping. The last time at our traditional vet they wanted to give him another dose of antibiotics along with a steroid.

Kisses for two adorable Pomeranian pups.

It was at that point that something within me, my intuition I assume, said “No, something about this isn’t right”. I left that day deciding it was time to try something different. Through a friend I found a holistic veterinarian and she quite literally, changed our lives. Our dog didn’t actually have a skin infection, he was detoxing through his skin. Which dogs do but I didn’t know that at the time. She pointed out that he was suffering from being over-vaccinated. Did you know that a 15 pound Pomeranian and a 150 pound German Shepard get the same exact dose of a vaccine?

From that point forward I started doing a lot more research.

I read labels and understand what was going into our bodies, humans and dogs alike. I understand that it will never be perfect and I cannot avoid ALL chemicals. I am however, the gatekeeper to our home and can control what we use at home. We’ve removed toxic cleaners, perfumes, soaps and candles. We’ve started using essential oils and homeopathic remedies whenever possible, yet appreciate what western medicine can do for us.

I believe that our bodies were created to function perfectly! It is when we inhibit that, that we start to see negative outcomes. As I continue on this journey I am trying to find the cleanest and most natural products, on a budget!

Full disclosure, sometimes less is more!

I find myself using fractionated coconut oil and a few essential oils as face wash to remove makeup, and rinsing my face with cold water in the morning before applying my minimalist makeup (eyebrows, mascara and a little highlighter). As for hair care, I use shampoo only, no conditioner and wash my hair once per week. Styling it different throughout the week can truly hide when its oily. Plus, who has time to wash it daily? With two little ones at home, getting a quick rinse off shower daily is all I want, need, and have time for.

As for cleaning, its simple. We use Thieves Household cleaner, vinegar, and baking soda for all of our cleaning needs. Oh, and a drop of lemon essential oils for stains and sticky stuff.

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