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5 Things to Toss Out – In 3 Minutes or Less

    Instruction Manuals

    Every time we get a new appliance or electronic it comes with an instruction manual. However, we live in the world of YouTube and you can find just about any “how to” video on any of your household electronics.vBrand websites have guides and manuals as well. Just ask yourself “have I ever used this?” If the answer is no, you likely won’t ever use it.

    I recently tossed out our manual for our Breville Espresso maker. I kept it and did refer to it for how to properly clean our machine however, there is a YouTube video from the Breville company on how to do it. So, I tossed the hardcopy in the trash.

    Expired Spices

    This one is simple, if they are expired, they go in the trash. Or, if you have chickens like us, some of them could get mixed in with their feed. Here is a great list of what can be added.

    Electronic Boxes

    I’ve heard this is a millennial thing. Why do we hang onto these boxes? What are we going to do with them? The answer is, nothing! We will literally never use these again. Goodbye! I kept my breast pump box in the pantry for months with the extra flanges in it that weren’t even my correct size. That is unnecessary inventory/clutter that I had to be responsible for. When we eliminate the inventory, it is less visual stimulation and less for us to organize.

    Expired/Unused Medication

    Do a quick check for expired and/or unused over-the-counter and prescription medication. Some medications can be flushed while others need to be disposed of in other ways. Click here to read more about how to properly dispose of medication. This can also help prevent any accidental ingestion for babies and toddlers.

    Studies have shown that 53% of teens who have taken prescription pain medication for nonmedical use have gotten it from a friend or relative. With that being said, it is incredibly important to properly dispose of any unused opioids.

    Seasonal Cards/Crafts

    Each season, especially during the holidays, we are flooded with holiday cards and crafts. They serve their purpose and are fun to look at. It is also okay to let them go at the end of the season.

    Our daycare sends home adorable crafts once in a while and I truly enjoy them. We post them in our garage entryway and see them often. Posting your child’s creative artwork helps boost their confidence so I do highly suggest having them displayed somewhere. However, keeping them stored in a box or watching it all pile up is no longer serving them, or you.

    Holiday cards are fun to receive and we all love seeing photos. Let them serve you for the holiday season, then allow yourself to move forward. You do not need to hang onto holiday cards past the holiday season.

    With anything, if it is no longer serving you or your family, it is okay to say goodbye to it. Each of these can be done in 3 minutes or less and will help you clear out the excess.

    Happy De-Cluttering!

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