our den

I’m Brigette and I’m so happy you are here! My season of life right now, and forever, is dedicated to my family. I’m a Mama to two young boys (6 months and 2 years). They bring an incredible amount of joy to my life. I’m a wife to my amazing and hard-working husband, Brent. Our boys are mini versions of him and it warms my heart. It is also the reason we have good health insurance. Haha! 


Recently I have found myself on this journey to minimize. Minimize the excess “stuff” whether that is something physical or mental. It has been an eye-opening experience and the rewards are outstanding. I find myself able to enjoy life’s little moments, the giggles of my boys, the calm of my morning coffee, the beauty of nature. 

Aside from our human family members we have two dogs, a cat, eleven chickens, and two fish. 

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little more about our den. We look forward to learning and laughing along side all of you.