when your vet tells you you’re dog is fat

That’s right, my then 8 pound Pomeranian was at the vet a few months ago and my vet told me that he was fat. He’s only 8 pounds! Turns out, he should be around 6lbs. Losing two pounds doesn’t seem like a lot but that’s like a 100 pound dog having to lose 25 pounds. Our vet wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings, or Torque’s for that matter. She was doing her job in helping us to create the best life for Torque that we possibly could. After all, she’s the expert, not me. I’m eternally grateful for her.

Torque, the Pomeranian showing off his fur and tongue.

Three months later I am happy to say that he is down to 6.5 pounds. We cut back a bit of his food and it worked like a charm. Having tiny dogs makes it very hard to portion their food. I would scoop out a small spoonful, put it in his bowl and think Continue reading “when your vet tells you you’re dog is fat”

diy dogmom face wash

Kisses for two adorable Pomeranian pups.I’m usually all about everything dog, much like you. Recently a friend told me that I need to start sharing some of my diy recipes with all of you. She’s right, you deserve to be living chemical-free and spoil yourself once in a while too. Lets face it, we spoil our dogs nonstop but this post, is all about you, dogmom!

Before we move on I want you to grab your phone Continue reading “diy dogmom face wash”

Our First & Hopefully Last Emergency Vet Visit

Two happy pomeranians out for a walk.Labor Day weekend we did something I was hoping we’d never have to do, visit the Emergency Vet. It was a bit ironic that this happened on a holiday when we are celebrating those labor workers who work hard day in and day out.

Our Sunday started very normal, we got up, the dogs had their usual breakfast, we had ours and I took them for a walk. Things were great! I was able to go run a few errands before our family barbecue and bonfire. Bolt and Torque were outside with us, swimming in their pool, playing fetch and simply being dogs.

The day took a turn for the worse and how quickly it all changed still boggles Continue reading “Our First & Hopefully Last Emergency Vet Visit”

Monthly Wellness Box

Monthly subscription box from Young Living Essential RewardsWhen this box arrives on my doorstep its like Christmas every month! And let me tell you, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! My Monthly Wellness Box is courtesy of Young Living’s Essential Rewards or ER. Each month you get to customize what products you would like delivered to your house. I can honestly say that I rarely ever go to Target anymore. I used to go at least once a week and now I probably go once a month. Thank goodness because we all know its impossible to walk into Target without spending $300.

Since this is the first time I’m sharing my box on the blog I want to start by answer some common questions about Continue reading “Monthly Wellness Box”

Commercial Kibble Review

The most powerful part of feeding raw food is know exactly what is going into the bodies of my dogs. We keep it very simple around here. Our meat sources are beef, rabbit, duck, pork and lamb. Sometimes chicken if I decide to throw a raw egg in their bowls. When it comes to feeding raw, I’m pretty lazy. The meat is ground with the correct ratio of bone to organ to meat and I throw in some veggies. 
Raw dog food preparation.

Our veggies usually consist of kale, spinach, collard greens or carrots. When certain fruits are in season I will mix those once in a while as well. My dogs LOVE bananas and apples! All in all, its basic. Its what they need to survive and I make sure to provide the correct nutrients to their body. As you feed your dogs their next meal I challenge you to answer this questions. Can you verbally list all of the ingredients in your dogs’ food?

Reviews.com did a survey and asked people the same questions. The response…

“Of the pet owners we surveyed, 70 percent admitted that they didn’t know all of the ingredients in their dog’s food…”

Woah! With the response from that survey, they did more digging. Upon talking to veterinarians, animal behavior specialists, dog trainers, university researches and authors they found that although the labels on kibble list ingredients and say “naturally” that doesn’t actually mean it is healthy for our dogs. Just check out this blurb from their article.

Research on pet food as reviewed by Reviews.com

I cannot agree more! I may just be a dog owner but I’ve lived through everything they talk about. Bolt spent 4 years throwing up stomach bile on a daily basis. He had digestive issues. He was overweight. He has behavior issues. These could all be linked back to poor food quality and were all contributing factors when I decided to switch him to raw food.

Reviews.com and their research team went on to find more healthy options for dog food. They set their standards and started eliminating dog food brands based on recalls, meat quality, fillers and artificial ingredients.

Review.com review on dog food and why some brands didn't make the cut.

194 dog food brands were disqualified because their first ingredient wasn’t meat!!! That is mind-boggling. Dogs come from the canine family, aka wolves! Wolves eat meat and dogs should eat meat. That is why they have teeth build to breaking, tearing, and grinding. I don’t know what is worse, the 194 disqualified for lack of meat or the 587 disqualified because they contained corn, soy, wheat, grain or flour. Tell me the last time you saw a wolf eating from a grain field. Or snacking on a piece of bread. Haha!

The combination of this article and watching Pet Fooled has scared the living daylights out of me! Dogs are not meant to eat out of a bad or a box. Nor are humans. We were built to eat natural, whole foods. What we put in is what we get out. When you put nutrients in your body, you feel better, your skin is better, your digestive system is healthier, YOU are healthier.

Reviews.com put together this great graphic on pros and cons of different types of food.

Pros and Cons to dog food types.

Clearly I am a raw food advocate because it has changed my world. So I must give my two cents on the pros and cons. The pros are very accurate. Nutrients are in their purest form. Nothing is lost from cooking them and you get to control where the nutrients are sourced from. In addition all ingredients are fresh. Yessss!!! The Cons are valid.

Raw fed dog eating a duck neck.

You continuously buy raw food but you also continuously buy any food. I buy frozen raw food and thaw when needed. It is more challenging to travel with but you can either buy freeze-dried raw if you need to or just run to the local grocery store in whatever town you travel to. As far as the food-borne pathogens; there is a risk but no more than us cooking for ourselves. Wash your hands and don’t eat out of your dogs food bowl. Haha! As a kid, I totally did this because I wanted to be a dog. If your kiddos are like me, just hide their bowls when they are done eating.


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela


My most favorite quote is from Nelson Mandela. Education is empowering. We can use it to change the world. I want to thank everyone at Reviews.com who took the time to do this research. You are changing the world through the power of education.

Cheers & Wags

What You Need to Know about Titer Tests

Adorable Pomeranian dog enjoying the sunlight in a tall bed of grass.As more and more pet parents are joining the holistic and natural path with their dogs, its important to learn about titer testing. Right now you might be scratching your head thinking, “I have no clue what you are talking about”, that’s okay because two years ago I had no clue either.

What is a Titer Test?

A titer test is a blood test that measures the amount of specific antibodies meant to fight off a disease that is present in the blood. Each antibody matches a specific disease.

What are antibodies?

Antibodies are produced in response to antigens. Antigens are crappy Continue reading “What You Need to Know about Titer Tests”

4 Resources for Living a More Holistic Life


Your dog is important to you, right? Well duh, otherwise you wouldn’t be following along with us on this blog. We are excited to share with you some of the resources that have helped up create and live a more holistic lifestyle for us and our dogs. We are far from perfect and still have a lot to learn but these are the 4 things that have Continue reading “4 Resources for Living a More Holistic Life”


There’s nothing we love more than local brands and supporting small businesses. Bela.and.Blue is a local Etsy shop that makes high-quality doggie clothes, bandannas, leashes and collars. With each piece being uniquely crafted, you and your pups are sure to stand out in style.

Some of our favorite pieces include their Padded Leather Dog Leash and their plaid flannel bandannas.otsego-park-agility-diy-080

We fell in love their Padded Leather Dog Leash because it is so lightweight. With a five pound pup, light leashes are Continue reading “bela.and.blue”

3 Must Haves for Tick Season

Ticks are probably one of the grossest insects ever created. Raise your hand if you agree. Those nasty things suck the blood out of our dogs and blow up like balloons. YUCK!!! Last week Bolt had one sucking on his forehead. Its still winter in Minnesota and those little suckers shouldn’t be bugging us yet. I had to remind myself that ticks don’t hibernate. They live in the grass and therefore if we can see the grass, the ticks are out.

Pomeranian pup has his 3 must have items for tick season, garlic, Purification and Thieves.

There are 3 “must-haves” that I use with my dogs to prevent and remove ticks. Continue reading “3 Must Haves for Tick Season”