Pawliday Gift Guide

It is my favorite time of year! Snow covers the ground, the fire crackles, hot cocoa is brewing, Christmas music is on, and gift giving is on my mind. There is NOTHING I love more than giving gifts to people. Have you ever heard of the “love languages”? I definitely show love by giving people gifts. It brings me joy when I find the perfect gift for someone. As a dogmom, I want to help you out with some gift ideas for the dog-lovers in your life. All of the ideas I’m about to list are things that I love and Continue reading “Pawliday Gift Guide”

September’s Rescue Group – Underdog Rescue MN

A dog can fill your soul with more love than you have ever known.Underdogs Rescue MN is our rescue group of the month! Underdogs Rescue has a very special place in my heart because they brought my little Torque-inator into my life. If you haven’t read his adoption story you can here. We are so excited to be giving back 10% of all sales from our Etsy shop. This rescue takes on some of the most challenging dogs and the difference that donations make is beyond words.

Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place “Underdogs” in the forever homes they deserve. They particularly specialize in Puppy Mill Survivors. The care that they provide their underdogs is incredible. Most dogs that come into their rescue are bruised and broken. Whether that be physically or mentally. Continue reading “September’s Rescue Group – Underdog Rescue MN”