Bolt can’t look up at me and say “Hey Mom, that bleach you are using really hurts my nose. It burns and then I get really cranky and irritable. I also feel dizzy and its triggering something weird in my brain that is throwing me all out of whack!”

As more and more chemicals come our way, I’m trying my best to eliminate them. Dogs have a better sense or hearing, smell, and taste than humans do. Think about when your dog goes outside and within minutes they find something stinky to roll in. When you walked outside, did you smell it? No. So now think about the smell of 409 cleaner or bleach. There are TONS of warnings on these products about the dangers they have if ingested. Our dogs ingest all of this too! We have a choice to use it, they don’t.

As I continue to challenge myself to make a healthy den I want to share some of my favorite DIY recipes with you. The more I learn about all the chemicals and crap that is in our dogs food, bug sprays, shampoos, household cleaners and medicines I want to throw up. Here is where I’m going to share with you some of these easy recipes.

Bath Time! 030

I’ve also been experimenting with supplements for my pups. I’ve use very expensive ones and less expensive ones. Every day we’d take out 4 jars of supplements and add a little bit of each one to the dogs’ food. That got overwhelming very quickly. Since then I’ve started mixing supplements in a larger container and using one jar and one measuring spoon. Phew! So much easier. I know it sounds so silly but I’m a huge fan of saving as much time as possible in the morning.

Pool Time 045