~caretaker, unconditional lover, lifelong snuggler, food provider, poop scooper,

~wears fur as an accessory

~addicted to sniffing Frito paws and puppy breathe

~gets daily notifications of iPhone storage being almost full because there are so many photos of her dog

This page is for you dogmom! Stand up and be proud of these quirky things! Although many people may not understand, I do. There is a special bond between you and your dog that you can’t always describe with words. Maybe its the look in your dogs eyes when they are telling you there’s something wrong, the way they plop down and become the little spoon, or the way they get distracted by the most simple things that remind us to simply slow down and enjoy life. Pomeranian dog gives hugs to his mom.

Being a dogmom isn’t all about the love, snuggles, and kisses. There are struggles and lessons to learn along the way. Whether your pup is a rescue pup, a competition pup, a family pup, or the pup that rescued you; they all require a lot of effort from us. You might be struggling with a medical condition that your vet just can’t figure out. You could have a dog like Bolt, very reactive towards other dogs and people. Bolt’s reactivity happens to be fear based but figuring that out took years. Maybe you have a rescue dog that came from a ruff setting like Torque who spent 7 years in a puppy mill and we are still working on some medical conditions and fears. You might be the person who has a friendly dog without any medical issues but you just love dogs and can’t get enough of reading about them. Whatever your background, I’m happy you’re here to share the life of a dogmom with us. Johnson Brigette 2016-140

My life as a dogmom has been full of ups and downs. Bolt struggled with vomitting stomach bile for the first 4 years of his life. He had a severe reaction to over-vaccinating. He’s my little reactive rover, always growling and barking at everyone and every dog we meet. Bolt is also the best snuggler you will every meet, loves to go for walks, and will protect his mom from anything (even the wind). Torque came along and was afraid to be touched, only has 4 teeth, and to this day we are trying to figure out why he licks EVERYTHING for hours on end. He’s also the dog that I look at sometimes and can’t help but laugh because he’s so derpy.

One thing I’ve learned throughout my journey as a dogmom and life in general, is that we must take care of ourselves if we want to take good care of our dogs. They are a direct reflection of their owners.