Raw Feeding

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No one else can claim that they know your dog better than you. You’ve been there with them through thick and thin. You know their favorite mailboxes to pee on, their favorite toys to chew apart, their anxiety triggers, their favorite spot to be pet, their “I have to poo face”, the foods that need dip on them before they would even think of tasting them, and what makes them happy. Before you continue reading remember that what works for one dog might not work for another. What works for one dog-pawrent might not work for the next.

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Our Raw Feeding Journey

You can read our full raw feeding journey here but to give you an idea. Bolt has had many, many stomach issues. He was never able to keep down his kibble (dry food). We’d come home from work to 5 piles of yellow stomach bile in all different rooms of the house. It was acidic and would stain the carpet. We started wetting down his food, that helped but didn’t solve the problem. Then came our saving grace!!! Raw Food! Hallelujah! Within 3 days we transitioned Bolt to a 100% raw diet.

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I read TONS of article online about raw feeding, some for it and many against it. The part that sucked me in was that for hundreds of years, before we domesticated dogs, they were predators. They hunted, killed, and ate animals to survive. A dogs body is unlike our human bodies. Our immune systems aren’t built to survive off raw meat, but our dogs’ immune systems are. Dogs have more antibacterial properties in their saliva and throughout their gut that play a huge role in ridding their body of bacteria.

Benefits of Raw Feeding

  • Softer, Shinier Coat
  • Less Shedding
  • Cleaner Teeth
  • Less “doggy” odor
  • More defined muscles
  • Smaller stool that decomposes (less doggy pickup)
  • Stronger immune systems

If you are interested in raw feeding, start reading. At first, its super overwhelming but its honestly much easier than I imagined. We’re going to be posting a Raw Feeding Guide very soon with what we do and how to start.